Is there a drink or item minimum?
No there is no minimum! There is also no maximum!

What is the age requirement?
18 and up without a guardian. We will allow 16 and older, but PLEASE be warned that most of the material is adult oriented!

Where do I park?
There is a parking lot behind Lucy's on Wheeler Ave. There is also street parking throughout the area.

Is there food?
YES! Lucy's Bar & Kitchen has a full dinner menu and operates from 5pm til after 11pm before, during, and after our shows. During the shows in our backroom however, there will be a smaller menu to accomodate an audience much easier along with table service for food and drinks.  

How can I perform?
Please contact us at

When is the open mic?
Every Monday night (and occasionally throughout the month) we do host a free comedy open mic. Anyone may come out to perform, support, or just check out the scene, but please remember, this is NOT a show! Though the bar and kitchen will be open. there will not be table service during the open mics. 

Can I produce my own comedy show at Lucy's Laugh Lounge?
Yes, depending on availability of course! Please contact us at 

What about Fundraisers or Large Groups?
We love both of those! Contact us about group rates and about how to host your fundraiser with us!

I have concerns about specialty diets or food allergies
Feel free to contact Lucy's Bar & Kitchen directly at 914-747-4740

I found a coupon online, can I use it?
Please contact us first before you purchase it! Coupons can not be used for all events, and are based on ticket availability!

The disclaimer says "No Refunds or Exchanges" what if it is an extenuating circumstance?
This is a common concern! Unfortunately our policy (just like any comedy club) is that there will not be any refunds for tickets purchased. We have a limited amount of seats and our performers are often compensated through ticket sales. The tickets you purchased affect how we continue to market and promote shows, and every seat counts. In the case of a postponed show, we may allow a ticket transfer to another show in extenuating circumstances, but no refunds would be granted.